Monday, August 12, 2013

Get Up Close and Comfortable with Mother Nature in Maryland

It may have been a long time ago when Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia were turned into battle zones during the early days of the formation of United States of America but the history remains one of the prime reasons why the Maryland tourism industry have remained intact and thriving to this very day. The state of Maryland is also located near the eastern seaboard of the country, rendering it a darling hotspot for tourists with a love for the sea, sun and nature. People who make Maryland their charter bus destination of choice, it is usually due to the fact that they are looking for some picturesque place to relax, unwind and be away from the modern day world...even if it is just for a couple of days. There are countless beautiful and tranquil location for Maryland charter bus rental customers to do be present and in on the great American holiday.
Nature lovers often find themselves completely charmed by what Deep Creek Lake of Garrett County has to offer. On its giant platter of offerings would be stretches of beckoning mountains, mysterious dark forests, slivers of rivers and, of course, not forgetting, Maryland’s largest freshwater lake, Deep Creek Lake. It is extremely hard to push yourself to function at the same pace that we usually do back home when we are at work in this place. The pace of life is almost at a standstill, forcing you to slow everything down just to observe carefully, slowly and intimately. For that moment, you forget all about the frantic modern life.
Does this mean that it is boring? This cannot be further from the truth. Adventure seekers will get the chance to get up close and personal with Mother Nature in the form of opportunities to do some hiking, guided rock climbing, try out some whitewater kayaking, slow things down with fishing and then quicken the pace up with biking around some of the most expansive natural spaces in the country. In winter, many Maryland charter bus visitors come here for the endless rounds of snowboarding. And if that is not enough to satiate your hunger for adventure, head over to Bear Claw Snow Tubing Park in the rented charter bus and try out snowtubing instead. Make no mistake about it, this is not kids’ play because at the park, there will be more than eight hundred foot worth of tubing lanes to enjoy.
Those longing for some sun, sea and beach will definitely find Assateague Island a charmer and a friendly place to explore. They are famous for the number horses which sometimes are found freely galloping along the shorelines. The sight is nothing short of miraculous....right out of a movie or a postcard.