Monday, November 11, 2013

The Best Golf Courses of Berlin MD

Search up Maryland on the internet and you will soon come to understand that the state of Maryland is split into different communities and culture centers. And it is quite literally impossible to run out of things to do. Is there something for golfers? Absolutely. Golfing enthusiasts, be it professionals or amateurs, will find Berlin Maryland an interesting to visit during their Maryland bus charter vacation.
One of those golfing attractions that our customers have fervently fallen in love with is Rum Pointe, located just right outside of Ocean City, Maryland. This picturesque golf course is strategically located overlooking Assateague Island National Park and seashore. So, visitors not just get the chance to challenge their golfing skills during their bus charter visit, they are instantly treated to an amazing seashore view too. Rum Pointe was designed by renowned golf course and landscaping professionals, P.B. Dye and Pete Dye who are known for sculpting some of the most famous golf courses in the world. Of course, when you are there for more than a day’s golfing, you ought to seek out accommodation nearby. Rum Pointe Condo provides a convenient place for you to relax in between your golfing expeditions.
Another golf course that can challenge you and help you improve on your game in Berlin MD would be GlenRiddle Golf Club’s tough course. Even golf experts have said that Man O’War course is very tough. We don’t think this golf course is suitable for beginners who are just learning the art of perfect putting. ‘The sea grass that we tried out was really, incredibly difficult, one of the toughest that I have had to go through in my eleven years of practicing golf. The seagrass area seems to be eating up all of our golf balls!’ Tim, a regular golfing enthusiasts who love organizing large group golfing events. GlenRiddle Golf Course is located at 11501, Maid Arms Way, Berlin MD.
In a way, some of our bus charter MD customers and regular travelers have come to remember River Run Golf Club fondly - it is mainly due to the fact that the layout was very interesting. Not the toughest golf course but it was challenging enough even for professionals. River Run is located at 11605, Masters Lane, Berlin MD. We were duly impressed with the services and amenities provided....truly a all-in-one golf club providing world-class services.
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