Monday, June 24, 2013

A Memorable Scenic Train Ride

Just like the charter buses in Maryland, trains are also a form of transportation to many. However, have you ever rode on a train that takes you through some really beautiful scenery? Never? Well, then it is about time you tried the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad experience – at least for once in your lifetime. If you are thinking of how to get there, don’t worry too much about it – let our Maryland bus charter service take care of that issue for you. All you need to do is to spare a few hours over a weekend and make it a time of pure enjoyment for you and if you like, your family too!

Train rides are usually fun – especially for kids and if you add on to the trip a ride in one of our MD charter buses, we bet the kids will be even more thrilled and excited! The usual scenic expedition from the Western Maryland Station in Cumberland begins at 11.30am, so be sure to arrive there in our chartered bus before then. Upon arriving, you will have to choose which kind of train rides that you want to go for – they have three different types (one of which is the regular scenic expedition that starts off at 11.30am, as mentioned earlier) of train rides to choose from and each one is unique and interesting. By the way, if you have any kids below the age of two, they get to ride free if they are not occupying a seat in the train.

The other two rides are known as the Murder Mystery Train ride and the Santa Express or North Pole Express ride. Just as the name suggests, the Murder Mystery Train ride will be full of mystery and fun as you play detective in solving the “murder case” on board the train. Food and beverage are served throughout the whole trip, so you won’t go hungry or thirsty trying to find out who the “murderer” is! This train ride is usually so much more fun when you have a big group of friends travelling together.

As for the Santa Express or North Pole Express train ride, the expeditions usually begins towards the end of each year, and this year they begin their trips on November 29th and the very special thing about this train ride is the appearance of Santa Claus and the train flags off at 6pm to the North Pole. During the trip, you will listen to the staff read you a story, an opportunity to meet Mr Claus, enjoy cups of hot chocolate with cookies and many more exciting activities.

A uniquely fun train ride and a comfortable MD bus charter in one day – what more can one ask for?


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